Using me for Her pleasure

Welcome all who have come to accept their place beneath Me, to serve as a slave in My stable. I understand Financial Domination and money slavery may ignite your simple passions but I caution you against any rash action. Choices are not yours to make. Purpose is Mine to give and I accept only the best financial slaves. Fortunately for Me, the majority of you are unfit, unworthy of My generosity. The few I accept will endure and enjoy My control, proudly kneeling before Me as My wallet. My property will deliver wealth to Me and attend to My passing amusements. Satisfying My desires, devoted to Me and My pleasure. I  take great pride in training productive money slaves. Crafting them to anticipate My needs and exceed all My greedy expectations. I am all that matters and as a Black Goddess, I am The reward. This website is for entertainment purposes only, for those ready to assume natural position as My property. To prepare them for the opportunity to serve Me and perhaps the privilege of My ownership.
For the rest of you, whose curiosities led them astray to the underbelly of the FinDom Internet. This website may be offensive to those who don’t understand Financial Domination, FinDom, Female Domination, FemDom, Female Supremacy, Goddess Worship or Money Slavery. If you can’t offer your respect or be a decent human being you do not belong here. I don’t have any energy for negativity. Politely, Fuck. Off.
Goddess Raine

Devote yourself to Me

Her pleasure, my expense.